Riding a bicycle in Treviso

bicycle-3045580_1920RIDING A BICYCLE IN TREVISO

Why not having a ride by bike? If you are regular to gym you can continue your workout even during your holiday or if you are a couch lover now you can show everyone that sometimes you are a sporty person… anyway, get on the bicycle and let’s ride in and about Treviso, because all around the city there’s a cycle lane who seems to touch the ancient walls and after completing the whole perimeter of the city there’s will be another path along Sile, which is one of the many rivers and canal in the downtown , who offers you a wonderful scenery with dozen of spots where magnificent pics can be taken, including nature, historical places and nice animals, the real people of Treviso.

Duration: XXXXXXX

CCCC per person if you are using your own bike

Note: due to Italian laws, children up to YYYY yo are allowed only on parent’s bike and the helmet is mandatory.
Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs