Treviso tiramisu deluxe


We will start from the base, such as butter and flour with some eggs and few more, because for preparing an excellent Tiramisu the ingredients needed are few and then you just need love and the help of a super talented chef, who will help you during the whole process for making this super excellent cake originally raised in Treviso.

The beginning of everything will be the cookies, named Savoiardi and the a delicious mascarpone cream, a strong enough Italian espresso and the cocoa powder ever…. and that’s it! You will do, bake, prepare and mix everything on your own, to be super proud pf your fantastic result, and obviously you will taste it and share it with your fellows!!!

Duration: XXXXXXX


Note: children up to YYYY yo are allowed under parental control
Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs