Grappa tour


If the word Grappa sounds familiar to you, you are in the right place. If you don’t know the word Grappa, this is a good moment to learn a little bit about it. Anyway, at the end of this tour the Grappa won’t have any secret for any of you.

Your wonderful tour will begin in the same moment the driver will friendly cheer you at your hotel, and then he will bring you, little by little, in each of the fantastic places chosen for you.

1st distillery: a very big place, it seems a big industry, producing tons of different product, but honestly even step in the manufacturing process is made in handcrafted way, in order to offer not only quantity and variety but above… quality for a unique product really connected to the territory where it’s made.

2nd distillery: local area really inspires this family to produce Grappa according to tradition, the same tradition as told in the first “manual for distillation” written exactly by the man who established this factory more than 100 years ago. A perfect poetry which is clearly recognizable in every glass of wine or grappa coming out from here.

SNACK BREAK: it should be the time for a snack. so in a very fascinating place you can have all the best local cheeses and cured meats, always wet by local wines, as Prosecco. A good moment to have a rest, but at the same time, you can enjoy the nature all around, and breath the sparkling air of the sparkling wine.

3rd distillery: tradition is the main word for this place, which is set in a traditional house, and the method for distillation is handed down generation by generation, producing now not such a big amount of Grappa but in such high quality, offering an unbelievable one.

1st winery: at this point, you can’t absolutely miss the most famous sparkling white wine of this fantastic hilly area, because, you know, you are in the Prosecco area, thus having a glass of Prosecco here is just a must. Let you go!

Duration: full day (VVV hours)


Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van

Tastings included in the price

A 1st distillery

a 2nd distillery:


a 3rd distillery

a 1st winery

Lunch; (not) included in the price

[For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to daily traffic jam, car crashed on the way, unexpected close of one of the factories. ]
Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs