Sweet blend(ed) tour – indulgence tour


Why not a tour where the only goal is to treat yourself?

Come on! Let’s go! From the moment that our driver will pick you up directly at your stay, the time to relax will start, and the only thing you have to think will be “what can I taste now?”

A wonderful tour of Italian specialties, where just taste, flavors, smells, perfumes are the focus and that’s why we chose these ones for you:

Coffee Roasting: this is a little gem in the countryside, a real tiny coffee roasting with a big roastmaster, in love with his work and his lab, the only one person able to speak with you for only a minute and after that he’s already ready to prepare you the most perfect coffee related drink perfectly fitting to you and your mood. After enjoying the process of roasting the coffee, he could also give you a quick and easy lesson about the different beans, just to be ready and trained to enjoy the taste in the best way. But the taste will open your eyes on another huge world of different drinks, different coffee machines, different results according to all the variables formerly counted but don’t worry… you are in very good and capable hands and remember what we told at the beginning: the Master is very good in understanding your needs and so, everything will be easy, funny and wonderful.

Patisserie: Italian pastries are delicious, well known all over the world, and so this is your chance to get your own opinion. This Italian pastry shop will be happy to welcome you and treat you with tons of any kind of pastries and creams and fruits and local specialties. Just have a look at the counter, better have a second look to be sure, and then let your heart guide you in the best choice for you or otherwise you can let the Master chef indicate you the pastry of the day or the best sellers. and pay attention, the selection is wide and the quality is high, and you’ll surely need a second serving.

BAKERY: it’s impossible to pass by a bakery when the flavor of fresh baked bread is in the air, above all if the bakery is an Italian one. Try to imagine… many different types of fresh baked bread and pizza and breadsticks and cracker and focaccia bread and quiche and simply traditional sweet bread like raisins bread or cookies and biscuits… and this is just a short list of what you can get. HAve you already got an idea of what will be your fist choice?


Ice cream shop/Gelateria: and now a gelato is the only one thing missing in this fantastic list. we are pretty sure that such a fluffy and delicious ice cream you saw just on tv or in some stunning pics. Now, it won’t be no more just a dream, it’s a reality and in a moment you will be in front a colorful counter filled with a large range of tastes, including classic ones like Granny’s cream to pistacchio, chocolate to strawberry. But we are in Italy and so we cannot be satisfy in this way and so prepare yourself to many different and extravagant tastes covering all unusual requests such as kid’s snacks, famous breakfast cookies, exotic fruits matched  with spices, and vegetables with a touch of Italian style. Ready for another amazing tasting experience.

Duration: full day (VVV hours)

Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van

Tastings included in the price

Coffee Roaster Lab:

Pastry shop:

Bakery OR Gelateria:

Lunch; not included in the price

[For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to daily traffic jam, car crashed on the way, unexpected close of one of the factories. ]
Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs