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In Italy you can find many walled cities, specially in Veneto Regione – when we are – because we have got many and the most famous and interesting to be visited are Asolo,Bassano del Grappa, Marostica. it’s your time to dream and live (for a day) in the past, imagine yourself walking on the ramparts.

As usual, our driver will pick you y directly at your stay and your tour is going to start in a second, ready to visit many highlights of this gorgeous area, including cities and wonderful places for tasting.

Marostica: this little medieval town is well known for the human chess, played in the main square every two years, and it’s easy to understand there are many things related to this famous appointment, such as the museum of the chess dress or a chess play close to the main square. But remember tat desire of this, the most famous souvenir of this town is its yummy cherry, holding the same name of the city.

Bassano del Grappa: Romans were the first inhabitants of this lovely town, and you will find some trace of them even if now the city basically remains in medieval style. But remember that its most famous symbol is a wooden bridge designed by one of the most famous renaissance architect, that is Mr Palladio. and this bridge was strategically important during the WWs. IT means that city really crossed the century, keeping in it a trace of everything, constituting a unique and unforgettable mix, being even more special if associated with its most famous local product: Grappa. After the first shot, you will admire and remember the bridge with different eyes.

1st winery: a gorgeous baroque villa with 2 wings design and decorated in renaissance style by Mr Palladio is the perfect place where having a stop and enjoy the vineyard and the magnificent wines int he while you are trying all the products made here, such as many different wines, olive oil and cheese.

Asolo: entitled as one of the most beautiful village of Italy, Asolo conquered the hearts of many eminent person during the centuries, such as the 19th century Italian actress Eleonora Duse, or the same period english writer and traveller called Freya Stark. And so, even you won’t resist its charm and you definitely fall in love for this city.

Maser: the best photo stop ever, once more in the footsteps of Mr Palladio, for a Villa which is included in the UNESCO heritage.

Valdobbiadene: this area is the place for the Prosecco wine, the very famous white sparkling wine, finally known worldwide. you fill up your eyes with amazing views of this hilly area all covered by vineyards.

2nd winery: a family run winery which started one century ago and the first grapevine is still here doing its job. Tasting a Prosecco here you can really have a magic experience which a little bit of everything, from tradition with innovation, passion for the territory to family love, all in a single glass, just for you.

Duration: full day (VVV hours)


Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van

Tastings included in the price

-1st winery:

-2nd winery:

Lunch: not included in the price

[For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to occasionally traffic jam, car crashed on the way, unexpected close of one of the factories. ]
Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs.