What’s more comfortable that your own couch?

You can easily lay down, the fridge for a cold drink is few steps away (thinking about hot summer) as well as the coffee machine and your favorite mug (thinking about cold winter) and we know it’s really cushy with all those pillows and a plaid.

We are sure that at least once in your life you miss your couch when abroad, so we are here to fix this lack.

We are here to offer you a different way of travel! Staying on your couch (or on your best armchair, in your bed, under your gazebo in the garden, during your gym session while on the exercise bike or treadmill, during a party with your friends and relatives (if allowed) … whenever, wherever!) you can enjoy a customized virtual tour with one of our local guide.

While you will be watching at your mobile or laptop or TV set, you will enjoy the tour together with one of our local guide, ready to speak for you, answering to all your question and curiosities and at the same time you will hear Italian voice of people all around the city as a  background music.

You cannot smell the perfumes of this city, but our guides will be their best to make you understand the situation!

You will be at your place, at your office (during pause), you will be in your country, far away, but it will seem you are here, with us, in Italy, in Venice, in Treviso or in another lovely place!

We are proposing a unique virtual tour of Treviso, the city of Radicchio (red) salad, city of Prosecco wine, city of Tiramisu cake.

An amazing little town, dated back since prehistoric period, but actually very medieval shape, with hint of Roman period and Art Nouveau (beginning of 1900s period). Definitely astonishing with its canals and its uncountable frescoes, with many ducks, geese and swan and proof of memories on every corner.

You can decide to visit the city in a regular way, seeing the highlights, such as palaces, squares and churches but also you can come with us for an espresso coffee or a gelato (ice cream) or a Spritz aperitif, because you will have the chance to get inside the bar among the locals and enjoy the atmosphere (only according to Italian rules about restriction due to sanitary emergency).

But remember that Treviso is just one of the many option, because Veneto Region is offering thousand of places to visit.

Not far from Treviso, just 30 minutes by train, you can reach Venice and you can have your virtual tour in this magic city, enjoying the view of the Grand Canal, the beauties in St. Mark Square, the arches of Doge’s Palace, typical Vaporetto (water bus) and Gondola. And don’t forget about the secondary canals, the venetian lagoon, the famous islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello.

You will be able to customize your tour! Never been in Venice? We will show you the highlights! Already regular in Venice?  We will show hidden path!

Do you already know everything about Venice? Don’t forget about the lovely countryside!

What about Prosecco hills? Staying on your couch, get on board on one our car and have a ride along these magnificent hills, part of UNESCO heritage and come inside a winery for a virtual visit and tasting (why don’t you buy the wine in advance so the tasting will be really interesting!)

What about the Palladian Villas? Another car tour along Brenta River to enjoy all the renaissance villas designed by Mr Palladio and notice the similarity among these building and the White House in Washington D.C.?

What about walled cities? Have you ever taken a tour in Marostica, Castelfranco and Cittadella admiring the ancient medieval walls? Another beautiful and very comfy suggestion for you.

Why don’t Padua? The city is famous for 3 things: “the bar without doors, the Saint without name, the grass without grass”… don’t understand? Come with us and let us explain everything. 

Last but not least, are you forgetting Dolomites? Another UNESCO site, one of the most beautiful mountain in the Alps, in the north-east part of Italy. You will also visit the city of Cortina, called “the pearl of Dolomites”.

-> It will be on your choice: what, when, how.

We are offering an enthusiastic way to enjoy just one city or many different places!! 

It doesn’t matter if you are not able to come here, or if you haven’t got the passport, or if you want to prepare yourself in advance to your real trip to Italy, or  if you are looking for a good way to enjoy Venice among one trip and the next one, or if you are looking for a different astonishing gift to delight your beloved one!

Don’t worry about anything: literally sit back, lay down, and enjoy your bespoke tour with us!

Please contact us for quotation.


Terms and condition:


  • whenever you want, according to Italy time zone  (UTC/GMT +1/+2 according to season), from Monday to Sunday:


– it’s up to you! According to your need, to your free time, to your wish to discover a new place (minimum: 2 hours)


  • wherever you want, it’s up to you (have a look among our choices, or tell us what you would like to visit)


  • it’s up to! You will pay for the virtual tour, but you can share the tour in your living room with how many people you want (don’t share online, don’t share on social networks.

No worries:

– about weather: because you will enjoy the beautiful condition of your living room;

  • about passport: you don’t need it;
  • about visa:  you don’t need it;
  • about disease: you will be safe in your own place;
  • about pickpocket: you will be safe in your own place;
  • about jet lag: you will remain in your time zone;
  • about language: all our guides are speaking at least English and Italian;
  • about allergy: you will be safe in your own place;
  • about waste of time: you can have a tour during your break, and 5 minutes after ending the tour you can be back to your things;

Virtual tour includes:

  • a virtual tour in a city of your choice together with one of our local guides;
  • customized tour, according to your request;
  • english speaking local guide;
  • enjoy the real spirit of the place you are visiting, listening to all the sounds of the city and the voices of the people as a background music;
  • an expert ready to answer to all your question and curiosities;

According to your request, you will have the chance to:

  • enter or visit churches, museums and building [entrance fee must be included in the quotation];
  • have a gondola ride [just in Venice / gondola fare must be included in the quotation];
  • have a vaporetto (water bus) ride [just in Venice / vaporetto fare must be included in the quotation);
  • have a boat ride (water taxi) [just in Venice / boat ride fare must be included in the quotation];
  • have a car tour [NOT in Venice, just outside Venice and in the countryside / car tour fare must be included in the quotation];
  • have a virtual taste of local food and drinks [in case you can also buy the food and drinks in advance, for a better experience: please, ask us for a quotation including shipping]


  • for any of the virtual tour is requested the use a PC, a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, a mobile phone, a smart tv (on your responsibility);

– for any of the virtual tour is requested an internet connection;

  • for any of the virtual tour is requested the use of a video-call softwares, already installed on PC and mobile; softwares such as Facetime, Zoom, Whatsapp, or similar (before the tour you will receive an email with the instruction for the upcoming connection).