Why visit Treviso

Why visit Treviso?

Why visit Treviso?

Treviso is a city in the Veneto region of Italy, located about 30 kilometers north of Venice. The city is famous for several reasons, including:

  1. Prosecco wine: Treviso is the heart of the Prosecco wine region, known for producing some of the best Prosecco wines in the world. Many vineyards and wineries are located in and around Treviso, and visitors can enjoy tastings and tours.

  2. Radicchio di Treviso: Treviso is also famous for its unique variety of radicchio, a type of bitter leafy vegetable. Radicchio di Treviso has a distinctive elongated shape and is prized for its slightly sweet and bitter taste. It is a popular ingredient in many local dishes.

  3. Medieval architecture: Treviso has a well-preserved historic center with many medieval and Renaissance buildings, including churches, palaces, and towers. The city’s narrow streets and canals add to its charm and make it a popular destination for tourists.

  4. Fashion: Treviso is home to several fashion companies, including Benetton and Sisley, which have their headquarters there. The city has a vibrant fashion scene and hosts several fashion events throughout the year.

  5. Sports: Treviso is known for its passion for sports, particularly rugby and basketball. The city has a professional rugby team, Benetton Rugby, and a basketball team, De’ Longhi Treviso Basket, which play in top-level Italian leagues.

Overall, Treviso is a city with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty, offering visitors a range of attractions and experiences.

Treviso what to see ? 

Treviso is a charming city in northeastern Italy with many interesting sights to see. Here are some of the top attractions to visit in Treviso:

  1. Piazza dei Signori: This is the main square of Treviso and is home to several historic buildings and monuments, including the Palazzo dei Trecento, a medieval palace, and the statue of Dante Alighieri.

  2. Treviso Cathedral: Located in the heart of the city, the Treviso Cathedral is a beautiful example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. It houses many works of art, including frescoes and paintings by prominent artists.

  3. Church of San Francesco: This is a 13th-century church that features Gothic architecture and beautiful frescoes by Tomaso da Modena. It is also home to the tomb of Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante Alighieri.

  4. Casa dei Carraresi: This is a medieval palace that now serves as an exhibition center. It hosts many cultural and artistic events throughout the year.

  5. The Canals: Treviso is known for its canals, which are lined with historic buildings and are a popular spot for a leisurely stroll. You can take a boat tour to explore the city from a different perspective.

  6. Museo Civico Luigi Bailo: This is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of Treviso and the Veneto region. It features many artifacts, paintings, and sculptures from different periods of the city’s history.

  7. Parco Naturale Regionale del Fiume Sile: This is a natural park located just outside Treviso that is home to many species of flora and fauna. It is a great place for a hike or a bike ride.

Overall, Treviso is a city with a rich cultural heritage and many interesting sights to see.

How far is Treviso from Venice ? 

Treviso is located about 25 kilometers (16 miles) north of Venice, and the two cities are well connected by various modes of transportation.

By car or taxi, it takes about 30-40 minutes to travel between Treviso and Venice, depending on traffic.

By train, there are frequent regional and high-speed trains that connect Treviso to Venice. The journey takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of train.

By bus, there are several bus companies that operate between Treviso and Venice, with journey times ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

Overall, Treviso is a convenient and easily accessible destination from Venice, making it a popular day trip option for those visiting the region.